7 Toughest Interview Questions: Answered

Job interviews are tough. If you are not prepared then some questions can leave you frantically searching for answers. Some questions might seem easy on the surface such as “Tell us something about yourself”. Yet, the answer is not always the right answer. The more open-ended the question is, the wider the variation in potential answers. In an attempt to help you, we have listed five questions that always trip people during the interview:

  •    Why Should I Hire You?

It is one of the most overlooked questions for which candidates are usually unprepared. When you appear for an interview, it provides a platform to illustrate your strength in front of the interviewer. Hence, it is vital to identify and understand the skills and knowledge required for the available position. It will help you give references of your past experiences to demonstrate those skills that are required for the available job position.

  •    What would you like to change from your last job?

Now, here a candidate needs to be super careful as oversharing or making disparaging comments about former coworkers or supervisors might sound like you are burning bridges. Just be prepared for an answer which doesn’t criticize any colleague or paint you in an unflattering light.

  •    Why Is There A Gap In Your Work History?

A gap in your work history can raise an eyebrow of your interviewer. Hence, it is important to justify the time spent during gap years by indicating freelance projects, volunteer work or new skill development course. The objective is that the employer must know that the time is spent wisely. While answering this question, list down few activities that can strengthen your profile.

  •    Tell me about yourself

Summarize your answer in four sections: Personal Information, Education, Employment History and Current job profile. It is usually the initial question so it’s better to keep the answer to a minute or two.

  •     Any Biggest Risk Taken by you?

Share few references of the risk that you have taken in your previous jobs and explain how it turned out to be a good decision. There are certain roles in which it is important to showcase your ability to evolve with changing dynamics. You can also provide examples of your willingness to take risks and accept challenges in the professional life.

  •    What are your weaknesses?

The best way to attack this question is to give a natural weakness that everyone deals with and to not dwell on it. It will immediately follow up with the steps that you have taken to counter your weakness.

  •    Why did you leave your last job?

This question seems easy to answer if you had a layoff. But, in case if you are fired or had an issue with the boss, you may have to struggle with this one. Approach this question honestly as recruiters like honesty. Whatever you say, refrain from feeling guilty or shame that you are out of work.

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