Be your Own Boss

Do you wish to master the art of becoming your own boss? It’s quite simple, but it demands determination and discipline. However, professionals usually lose hope due to an instability of the job market. Fortunately, there are lots of career options available for those who equip with the right skill-set and expertise. While working full-time... Continue Reading →

Email Etiquettes – Tips to avoid Writing Sloppy Emails

Email communication is still regarded as the most powerful communication tool to interact with your prospective employers, colleagues, clients and so on. An email conversation can help you win the confidence or break the deal. Just follow the Golden Rule by treating the recipient as you want to be treated. Before clicking on “send”, take... Continue Reading →

7 Toughest Interview Questions: Answered

Job interviews are tough. If you are not prepared then some questions can leave you frantically searching for answers. Some questions might seem easy on the surface such as “Tell us something about yourself”. Yet, the answer is not always the right answer. The more open-ended the question is, the wider the variation in potential... Continue Reading →

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